Deborah Griffin, OBE

Senior Bursar, Homerton College Cambridge

Deborah has been the Bursar of Homerton College for 6 years and previously to that had a career in the City as an accountant, corporate financier and consultant working in the travel, hotel and leisure industries.  Griffin took up the sport of rugby at university in the 1970s, and also played rugby with the Richmond Women’s Rugby Club. Griffin was a co-founder of England’s Rugby Football Union for Women in 1983, an organisation for which she later served as the Chair. She also was one of the principal organisers of the 1991 Women’s Rugby World Cup, the first ever Women’s Rugby World Cup, which was run despite having no support or financial backing from the International Rugby Board. Griffin later became the first female elected board member of the England Rugby Football Union in 2010.

Griffin was awarded the OBE in 2011 in recognition of her services to Women’s Rugby.

In April 2018, Griffin became the first woman to be elected to the World Rugby Council.