Schedule for the Day


  • 08:00 Tea and Coffee

    We will provide Tea, Coffee and some Croissant for you to enjoy as you register for the day and catchup with other delegates

  • 09:00 Introduction

    We will start the day with a brief introdcution setting out the themes for the day and explain how the day works.

1st Keynote

  • 09:05 Jonathan Males

    How is coaching more than just teaching your sport to athletes?

1st Session

    • 09:55 - London Room Conny Draper

      Is measureing the force on the gate misleading?

    • 09:55 - Beijing Room Kieran Dews

      Developing high performance behaviours in talented novice athletes.

    • 09:55 - Sydney Room Mark Homer

      The Good (and bad) science of Training & Recovery 

    • 10:45 - 11:05 Coffee Break

    2nd Session

      • 11:05 - London Room Steve Haake

        How the use of technology has impacted sports performance

      • 11:05 - Beijing Room Chris Shambrook

        What if you were obsessed with building mental fitness first and endurance second?

      • 11:05 - London Room Peter Wiersum

        How to coach coxes

      Fireside Chat

      • 11:55 - Main Room Fireside Chat with Mike Spracklen and Martin Cross

        How has my approach to coaching changed over my coaching career?


      • 12:45 - 13:45 Lunch

      Session 3

        • 13:45 - Sydney Room Annie Vernon

          Interesting look into the book Mind Games that was written by Annie

        • 13:45 - Beijing Room Derek Holland

          Binding a community through a school rowing programme

        • 13:45 - Sydney Room Nicola Brown and Esther Goldsmith

          Female athlete considerations: breast health and the menstrual cycle

        4th Session

          • 14:35 - London Room David Thomas

            Modern rowing shell design, evolution and manufacturing technology

          • 14:35 - Beijng Room Sam Wells

            Building a winning culture from a losing one

          • 14:35 - Sydney Room Ian Wynne

            Closing the loop. An individualised approach to training effect, sleep and recover

          3rd Keynote

          • 15:45 - Main Room Paul Thompson

            Three countries, different people, same problems… Yes or No?

          Closing session

          • 16:35 - Main Room Closing remarks