Who we are and why we run the event.

A world’s leading event for those who are working on the coal face of our sport.

Rowers Conference is an event, organised by a volunteer team passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. The one day event brings together a significant number of diverse scholarly presentations within a friendly and welcoming conference program.

The day brings together leaders in sport, academic scientists, researchers, coaches and teachers to exchange and share their experiences and research on all aspects Sport Science. It provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, coaches and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Sport Science and rowing.


Rowers Conference was founded in 2015 with the aims of starting an inclusive event to bring knowledge and experience together to share views with those working in schools, clubs and developing events. We wanted to find a solution to a problem we had and concluded others may also have the same problem – so let’s learn together and solve our problems in a collaborative way. We wanted to offer a different perspective on the disciplines of our sport, sport science and physical education and rowing events. To find a place where there could be the furthering of collaboration between them. We bring together a wide range of scientific and professional organisations of various sport branches and disciplines to create the possibility for interdisciplinary collaboration.


We want to offer a world’s leading event where those who are working on the coal face of our sport have access to knowledge and developments in the fields of technology, sports science, and coaching. Through meeting and speaking with leaders in different fields we hope delegates will build a network of friends across organisations and institutions concerned with sport, sport science and physical education to enable sharing of knowledge and improvement on volunteer time.

  • Technology
  • Physiology
  • Components of a programme

The 2019 Rowers Conference R3 will be held on Sunday 20th January in the iconic Olympic Rowing venue at Dorney Lake. With 100+ attendees and 20+ speakers from the UK and international sports industry it is the premier event in Technology and sports science for the rowing in the UK/Europe.

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